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Website Launch -- This website was launched in April 2003. Significant additions or changes will be described here. For your convenience, both http://www.tonyramos.com and http://tonyramos.com direct you to this site.

Corporate individuals and accounts  -- I am an approved vendor/subcontractor to a growing list of major corporations. My invoices to you will contain my vendor number, easing reconciliation. Contact me to verify my vendor status with your organization.

Newsgroup participation  -- Look for my semi-regular contributions to the Microsoft.public.powerpoint newsgroup in Google Groups.

New arrangement for Presentations Weblog  -- July, 2003: New material will now appear at the top, rather than bottom.

Major update to Portfolio page  -- August, 2003: I have added and annotated examples of slides I have created for my clients.

Agency representation  -- November, 2003: To further expand my business, I have contracted with national creative talent agencies who are representing me to their clients. If you are learning about me via an agency, please contact them to make arrangements to work with me.

Major inroads into advertising  -- December, 2003: In short order, I am now the "go-to" freelancer for one location of a global advertising firm when they need to call in a PowerPoint designer. And just as quickly, I have established myself there as a reliable proofreader and copy editor. Ad firms considering PowerPoint specialists: click here.

Presentations Weblog makes huge gains -- January, 2004: My blog about PowerPoint, presentations and related topics closed out the calendar year with over 17,000 hits during December 2003 alone, up from 268 hits in May. (Postscript: January's hit count was over 25,000)

Site purged of spam bot lures -- March, 2004: To thwart the email-harvesting robots of spammers, I have altered all instances of my email address throughout this site. The address itself remains the same, but must be shown to you as: tony(AT)tonyramos(DOT)com

A great season for great clients  -- April, 2004: I'm a lot busier these days, thanks to people like you. Recent new clients include (1) the world's leading manufacturer of hand sanitizer (2) a global communications firm which helps pharmaceutical companies gain regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration (3) the faculty and staff of a graduate school of a nearby private university, and (4) a solo entrepreneur from my neighborhood

"PowerPoint Information" page revamped  -- July, 2004: I changed the page. It now simply offers links to what I consider to be the web's richest resources for PowerPoint information. Requirements for inclusion: history of support for the PowerPoint community; information of high value and little or no cost; a tempered sales pitch; thoughtfulness, intelligence, and personality. Want in? Send me an email and link.

Great clients, continued -- July, 2004: ... (5) the world's largest concrete-additive chemicals firm (6) Canada's largest data collection company (7) a global construction/engineering/defense contracting firm. And the weblog is registering 30K+ hits per month these days.  Thank you to all who are reading and -- increasingly -- linking to me and blogging about me.

MVP Award -- July, 2005: Named Microsoft MVP in recognition for sharing my expertise and passion among the PowerPoint user community. Surprised, humbled, proud. (Weblog is registering 75K+ hits per month and still rising.)



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