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"[W]eve got highly paid people sitting there formatting slides spending hours formatting slides because its more fun to do that than to concentrate on what youre going to say. It would be much more efficient to offload that work onto someone who could do it in a tenth of the time, and be paid less. Millions of executives around the world are sitting there going, 'Arial? Times Roman? Twenty-four point? Eighteen point?'

  • The paragraph above is an excerpt from "Absolute PowerPoint," an article by Ian Parker in the May 28, 2001 issue of New Yorker.

  • The estimation of "in a tenth of the time" is spot-on. In a decade of creating, cleaning up, or jazzing up presentations for executives, I have been told that the time I save is most valuable of all. The dollars saved are almost secondary.

  • Bringing consistency to fonts, colors, fills, shadows and the like is just the beginning. I also aid in editorial and technical aspects, from minimizing jargon to minimizing file size.

  • Care to see examples? View the "Before and After" examples in my Portfolio



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