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Finding PowerPoint Files on the Internet

  • Are you looking for something in particular? Many people come to this website in search of a particular PowerPoint presentation to view or download, only to find that their search must go on. Here is a simple tip that helps you find PowerPoint files faster and better. 

  • Using the Google search engine, type the word or phrase you are searching for, and then limit your search results to show only PowerPoint files by typing "filetype:ppt" after your search string. For example, you want to find just PowerPoint presentations containing the exact phrase "corporate strategy." Your search string should look like this:

  • This rule also holds true for Microsoft Word documents, Adobe Acrobat files, and other common file types. Advanced features in Google also allow you to narrow your search by domain type (.com or .edu etc.) or within a specific site.

  • I check my website statistics frequently. It shows that many visitors come here (often landing on my weblog page) hoping to read or download PowerPoint files about certain topics. While I do not archive presentations for public download, I hope this tip helps you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

  • On the eve of the Google IPO, please take a moment to remember the search engine's old days.


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