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  • "Tony – I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how satisfied we are with the presentation that you prepared for us. As you are painfully aware, when we came to you we had little more than an outline and a few pictures. I am still amazed that you were able to grasp so quickly our needs and then put together a presentation that delivered the message that we needed to convey, so eloquently. The animation and overall look and feel felt nothing like a traditional PowerPoint but more like a Madison Avenue commercial. Tony, you nailed it and we are very grateful. I look forward to working with you in the near future." -- Steve S.

  • "Truly masterful!!!! Wow, I am absolutely amazed. This is WAY beyond what I was expecting, or asking for. I am truly grateful. And, I have plenty of time to make the technical revisions I need to make." -- Aaron R.

  • "Tony is a virtuoso with a keyboard and graphics. No matter where I am in the world, I reach out to him to make critical presentations presentable and full of impact. He's always collaborative, cooperative, and has a great attitude. He handles pressure with good humor and works the required hours, whatever they are, to get the job done right. I always know if I have a big, important presentation, I can count on him to make me look good. That's a supreme comfort in an area that is very visible if you don't get it right." -- Brooks B.

  • "Tony is an invaluable asset. Produces high quality work and has a great attitude. Very professional. Tony has saved many projects with his ability to produce quality reports on short notice." -- David G. W.

  • "Tony exhibited a high degree of creativity and organization by taking several high level concepts and transforming them into [our project deliverable]. This project was extremely challenging in that Tony had to gather disparate data, ideas and input from a wide range of executives and turn it into a finished product in four days. Not only was it the usual high quality, on-time deliverable that we've come to expect from Tony, but it also received rave reviews across the depth and breadth of the client group." -- Alan N.

  • "The things that should be noted are not just the speed, quality and accuracy of work Tony produces. What makes Tony a real ‘value-add' is his ability to make key suggestions in terms of messages conveyed through the document, his excellent attitude, and flexibility. He has a keen sense of urgency, and helps the project team feel confident the work will get done." -- Greg C.

  • "Tony has always added creative value to the graphic and editorial work he has done. He regularly goes the extra mile." -- Stephen Z.

  • "Tony is the most dedicated and competent creative services person I have worked with within [our global consulting organization] over the past 14 years … always drives to add value; he proactively suggests creative solutions to enhance presentations and our ability to communicate our messages to clients." -- Dave E. W.

  • "Tony has an amazing ability to listen to the concept and to capture the essence of the idea in text and graphics, suggesting improvements and enhancements to make the content clear and concise … he is able to cut to the heart of the message that is being communicated and is helpful to myself and others at the art of cleansing the slides of ‘consult-speak'." -- David S. D.


Sampling of Supervisor Reviews:

  • "I have received overwhelming feedback on how Tony does ‘whatever it takes' to help get the job done, including working late hours, sometimes all-nighters, and working on weekends. Tony displays an incredible work ethic that makes executives want to continue to work with him time and time again." -- Lisa M.

  • "Tony is an expert in the area of design and creativity. He brings the most abstract and complex concepts to life … he has earned the respect of everyone for his level of skill, attitude, work ethic, and overall professional attributes. Tony is definitely an invaluable asset." -- Jean S.

  • "I have worked with a number of graphics specialists over the years, and Tony stands out as a top performer.  ... From a leadership perspective, I appreciate Tony's leadership qualities. Has a calming, direct, factual manner. A real pleasure to work with." -- Lloyd S.

All quotes appear in performance appraisals I received from 1993 through the present. If you want to see a quote in its original context or view more feedback, please contact me.


© The New Yorker Collection from cartoonbank.com


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